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Sentrilock services are in addition to the fees you have already been quoted. The below pricing would need to be added to the cost of the dues information provided on the previous page.

SentriKey Mobile App

Setup Fee $100.00

Annual Subscription $131.10

The SentriKey Mobile App is used to access the SentriLock Electronic Lockbox. Some agents may only need this service to open the key door of the lockbox, while others may use the app to place lockboxes on their listings. Either way, the cost will be the same.

SMTAR Lockbox Program

The SMTAR Lockbox Program allows SMTAR members to borrow lockboxes for their listings in Giles, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Perry & Wayne Counties. If the "Lockbox Maintenance & Service Fee" was included in your quote on the previous page, the program is available to you through your office. If this fee was NOT included, you may be eligible to participate in this program as an individual.

Annual Pricing for Individual Participation $135.00

You cannot participate at the individual level if your office participates.

SentriLock Lockbox

Lockboxes can be purchases by anyone with a SentriKey account.

NonMember Price $160.00