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Code of Ethics Training

You must send certificates of completion to

Members renewing for 2022 have until December 31, 2021 to complete the training.

New members who are past due on the 60 day deadline should complete the requirement immediately.

REALTOR® Emeritus members are exempt.

Consider completing your C2EX to receive credit for this requirement.

Training Requirement

To ensure that its members stay abreast of changes to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, NAR requires that ALL REALTOR® members of the National Association of REALTORS® MUST complete a 2.5-hour course on the Code during each standard 3-year cycle. (Cycles are listed below.) NEW MEMBERS must complete the requirement within 60 days of their membership approval. This policy does not apply to REALTOR Emeritus* members.

*REALTOR® Emeritus members have held 40 consecutive years of membership with NAR and have completed additional requirements for this prestigious honor. The following members hold this title at SMTAR: Grover Collins with Grover Collins Realty and David Jent with David Jent Realty.

How to Complete the Training

Live Code of Ethics courses (and those offered via ZOOM) are approved by SMTAR to meet the NAR requirement. Courses flagged as "NAR Ethics" offered by The CE Shop are approved to meet the NAR Requirement for SMTAR members. All other courses should be preapproved before completion. To receive credit, you must submit your certificate of completion to

The current cycle ends on December 31st of 2020. December 31, 2021. This is a NEW cycle length! REALTORS® who have not completed the requirement at that time will not be able to renew their membership with SMTAR.

REALTORS may also complete the C2EX Challenge to receive Code of Ethics credit for the current cycle!

What Courses are approved by NAR?

NAR requires that each local association determine which courses will be approved for their members based on the NAR policies. Members must check with their PRIMARY association before taking a course that is not offered directly by that association to ensure that it will be approved.

For SMTAR members, courses hosted or sponsored by SMTAR are approved. Please obtain preapproval for all other courses.

What Are the Cycles for this Requirement?

12001 - 2004
22005 - 2008
32009 - 2012
42013 - 2016
52017-2018**NEW POLICY
62019-2021**NEW POLICY
72022-2024 CURRENT CYCLE

Cycles begin on January 1 of each beginning year and end on December 31 of each end year. The policy changed in January 2017 to become 2-year cycles, a period shorter than initially created. The policy changed again in November 2019 to lengthen the period, allowing more time for associations to process the data.